Welcome to ecorCRM

Plese note that this site is only for demonstration purposes. Dont put real data here. We often clear-esase this database.

ecorCRM gives you CRM functionality within a powerful CMS system.

Some of the functions are:

  • Manage Contacts (simple contacts, leads, customers)
  • Individuals and/or Businesses
  • Financial Status,Files,Next Actions, Notes… and many more
  • News Letter with newsletter history
  • Campaign Details
  • Connect Contact with Campaign, Producs, CRM Users
  • Use a Calendar
  • Various Reports and Filters
  • Personal and Public Notes for personal organization
  • Common library for organization documents
  • Able to give access to customer for customer specific information
  • Web based, can be accessed from everywhere
  • Easy of Customization and localization
  • No changes to Drupal core so you got all of Drupal Power.
  • Also available as Drupal Module.

    For support and to download this software visit our site using link below
    TECOrange Site

    For custom work or for a hosted CRM site contact us.

    Thank you for your interest!
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